Sunday, March 13, 2011

Power Through the Abuse of Language

Any group within a society of individuals that has taken upon themselves the mantle of government, attempts to control people in several different ways. One way is to reward their conspirators. They make their goals the same as the goals of government. All of these types of alliances have exchanges. There's something at stake for both of them. For their loyalty and votes, they let them share in the spoils and booty from the losers. A second way, is pure and direct force. This one is so direct that we don't even need to speak about it. The third way, is to disarm the people. The first words of any tyrant is to disarm the people. And then there is education. Compulsory and free and public education is the standard of any totalitarian society. There is one more though. And that deals with the use of language.

Through language, the tyrant seeks to make you his slave. Even a Gaddafi promises his people freedom. 'Through his will you will be free.' But it's more like you are only free in the sense that you are free of your own thoughts. The tyrant might say free education, but you know it's not free! Here socialist conspirators might cry out 'health care is a right.' But can one man's right negate the rights of another man? It certainly is not a 'right.' It a special privilege over the rights of others. The tyrant's words can no longer have their effect if you understand his language, as he will no longer be a respectful ruler, but a mere swindler of words.

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  1. "Through language, the tyrant seeks to make you his slave".

    Excellent axiom. The current bread and circus event ("election" Nov 2012) exemplifies that thought quite clearly.

    I got here by accident, Brent. You had some old videos of my friend Karl Hess, who insisted "anarchy" (I refuse the term "anarchism") is a statement, not a movement.

    Nice blog and blog piece.