Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Incredible Bread Machine (1975)

This short film, based on a book under the same name, was originally done in 1975. However, it is still a great introduction to Libertarianism and Austrian Economics, and it introduces the arguments against the following:
  • Anti-Trust
  • Minimum Wage
  • Central Planning
  • The Use of Force
  • Public Interest, Public Good (Today we have the nonsense term 'social responsibility')
  • Taxation
  • Egalitarianism
  • Monopolies
Note: Murray Rothbard makes an appearance in the film!

    26:27 [The Anti-trust: The Bread-Trust]

    ...Their lawyer said:

    The rule of law in complex times has ruled itself decisions...
    We must much prefer the rule of men vastly more efficient.
    Now let me state the present rules.

    The lawyer then went on

    [These very simple guide lines, you can rely upon.]
    You're gouging on your prices, if you charge more than the rest,
    But it is unfair competition, if you charge less,

    A second point that we would make, to help avoid confusion.
    Don't try to charge the same amount; for that would be collusion.

    You should compete, but not to much! For if you do, you see,
    Then the market would be yours, and that would be monopoly!

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