Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hans-Hermann Hoppe's Latest Speech


There are five or six videos; the very first minute is in Portuguese, but the rest is in English.

Here, Hans-Hermann Hoppe asserts that there is a contradiction in two propositions held by many academics. It can not be both true that monopolies are bad and that the state is the primary producer of security (is a good). This is because the state has a monopoly of both law and taxation. He claims that most except the latter, but he except the former [all monopolies are bad] as being true. I have his same position, however, I never came across this contradiction, because I've seen the latter (it's a public good for the state to provide security) as false to begin with (as Hoppe does).

Other important topics deal with how libertarianism and property rights can eliminate conflicts over scarcity of means, and how democracy is in own best interests in the long term.

This is probably one of the best videos I've seen on Anarcho-Capitalism. I've only read one book by Hoppe, in addition to several articles, but I'm surprise that he mentioned some things that I thought were quite unique to my own thought, such as the 'Wild West was not wild.' ...

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